This week I’m sharing another excerpt from the upcoming course that speaks directly to how prayer can heal and help you find forgiveness during painful times.


Prayer is among the greatest tools available to find healing. But many of us don’t know how to cultivate the voice of a truly authentic practice in prayer. My six-week online course, “Prayer, Power and Awakening: Discover Your Personal Path to Authentic Prayer” is designed to show you how to utilize this resource whenever needed by accessing prayer that speaks truly from within.


The course starts on TODAY, August 1st, so read the excerpt below, and take advantage of your last chance to sign up:

Healing Through Prayer

A Course in Miracles teaches that the central task in awakening is forgiveness. So as you stretch your understanding of what healing means for you, forgiveness provides an excellent place to start. Who have you not forgiven? With whom do you still hold an emotional charge because of what you perceive someone did or said?

Again we don’t have time in this course to conduct a comprehensive exploration of forgiveness. Such a task could take volumes, years, or perhaps lifetimes. So in this activity we will highlight a few key aspects of forgiveness, especially as they relate to healing and prayer.

Recognize that when you hold on to a memory from the past of a perceived injury or insult from another, something that calls for forgiveness,  that connection drains your energy. You are the person suffering from this drain, from failure to forgive the injury or insult. You are the one who will gain the most from disconnecting from this drain through the act of forgiveness, from what Carolyn Myss calls “unplugging.” So forgiving another heals something deep within you.

Some of you may be familiar with John of God, one of the most extraordinary healers alive today. He leads a spiritual hospital in the central highlands of Brazil that is free to anyone from around the world known as the Casa, short for Casa de Dom Ignacio or House of St. Ignatius. In order to receive healing at the Casa, visitors are instructed to open their hearts. This means opening to love, to receive and give love without restriction. You cannot do this if your heart is closed with anger, resentment and failure to forgive. So the path to your own healing must pass through forgiveness. (For those interested in more information about John of God, you may wish to watch the movie Healing, available at or read any of the excellent books that have been written about him, including John of God by Heather Cumming, Karen Leffler and Amrit Goswam or The Book of Miracles: The Healing work of Joao de Deus by Josie RavenWing. My own book, Joyfully Shattered: A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality, includes an extended chapter on my many experiences with John of God as well as my own challenging journey to forgiveness.)

Forgiving is not easy. It can be one of the most difficult challenges you ever face. But doing the profound work to truly forgive provides a gateway to deepening healing for yourself and enhancing the power of your prayers.