Dr. Rick Sheff is a prolific author and highly respected thought leader.

After coauthoring 15 books and numerous articles and white papers on healthcare leadership, patient safety, and physician performance, a dying woman’s words launched his next stage as a writer when she asked, “What would you do if you knew you had six months to live?”

The answer came immediately.

He’d write the book that had been burning within him for more than 25 years. That book became Doctor Confidential: Secrets Behind the Veil, which has earned rave reviews, including five stars from almost all Amazon reviewers.

Dr. Sheff recently completed his latest book, Joyfully Shattered: A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality, which has already received beautiful endorsements from Carolyn Myss and Bernie Siegel.

Joyfully Shattered: A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality

Raised an atheist, trained as a scientist and skeptic, Dr. Sheff encountered inexplicable experiences with the Brazilian healer John of God, Marian visions in Medjugorje, and more that taught him the world is a far more wondrous, mysterious, and loving place than he had been taught at his parents’ knee or in his science classes. Joyfully Shattered tells the story of Dr. Sheff’s courageous pursuit of truth, through one mind-bending, soul-opening encounter after another, ultimately leading to his professing vows as a monk, while never leaving science behind.

Doctor Confidential: Secrets Behind the Veil

Truly a book for everyone, Doctor Confidential uses the deeply personal stories of Dr. Sheff’s training in medical school and residency as a family physician, reflected upon after a lifetime in healthcare, as the vehicle for a captivating narrative of the journey of physicians, of patients, and of opening the heart.

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