Joyfully Shattered: Reviews


“Joyfully Shattered is the journey of a physician who became a mystic and now is an escort into

the nature of the soul and what is possible for humankind. This is truly a profound book.”

Caroline Myss

Author of Anatomy of the Spirit

“Dr. Rick Sheff brings a new and welcome voice to our human journey of discovering the truth.

His beautifully written, true story provides a living example of the richness, joy, and love

available to us all when we release attachment to preconceived beliefs. I, too, have had the

kinds of life-changing experiences that Rick describes. They have taught me that loving,

intelligent, conscious energy is what life and creation are about. Reading Joyfully Shattered will

help you find this and more in your own life.”

Bernie Siegel, MD

Autor of The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles

“Joyfully Shattered is a treasure for all of humankind. This exceptional book provides an

awakening for all people, whether they recognize themselves to be on a spiritual path or not. Dr.

Sheff points the way to our shared future, the coming integration of science and spirituality,

joined together by love.”

William A. Tiller, PhD

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Founding Director, Institute for Psychoenergetic Science Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Co-founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Dr. Sheff weaves together his personal journey of spiritual awakening with accessible,

compelling scientific and philosophic insights. In so doing, Joyfully Shattered provides a

significant contribution to the growing integration of science and spirituality, as well as a

roadmap for all seekers of truth on their own journey to joy.”

Larry Dossey, MD

Author of One Mind: How Our Individual Consciousness Is Part of a Greater Mind and Why It Matters

“In Joyfully Shattered, Dr. Sheff takes us on the inner journey that is the true mystical path,

revealing a universal spirituality that transcends all denominations and all religions with the deep

ring of ageless truth.”

Dale Allen Hoffman

Translator of the Aramaic words of Jesus Author of Echoes of an Ancient Dream

“Dr. Sheff, in Joyfully Shattered, has accurately and with an open heart portrayed the

extraordinary healings, the mission, and work of this amazing man, John of God, and the

miracles of the Casa de Dom Ignacio.”

Heather Cummings, John of God Translator

Co-Author of John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who’s Touched the Lives of Millions