Joyfully Shattered: Table of Contents


  • Chapter I      A Seeker Is Born              1
    Glimpses of Truth


  • Chapter II     Cracks in the Armor of Certainty            15
    “You don’t believe this crap, do you?”


  • Chapter III    Dialogue with Other Healers          24
    “Dad! Dad! Something inside my ankle is moving!”


  • Chapter IV    Crisis          44
    “You, Marsha and Nancy got together before this life and decided to do the dance this way.”


  • Chapter V      Free Fall          52
         My Wife Died When She Was Nine


  • Chapter VI     A Spirit-Directed Life          78
    “There is only one religion, the religion of love.”


  • Chapter VII    Oneness        105
         “Any experience of separateness is an illusion.”


  • Chapter VIII   John of God, the Brazilian Healer        139
    Miracles Happen. The Question Is What These Words Mean.


  • Chapter IX      Medjugorje, A Course in Miracles, the Koran, and Beyond         190
    Each Religious Tradition Is Unique. The Spiritual Journey Is Universal.


  • Chapter X       Brother Rick?        225
    “I didn’t see this one coming.”


  • Chapter XI      When Science Meets God        232
    A Glimpse into the Coming New Paradigm


  • Chapter XII      Journey to Joy        241
    “Is it I Lord