Science and Spirituality

  • Joyful Shattering:  The Path to Experiencing Your Highest Potential
  • The Coming New Paradigm: Science and Spirituality Linked by Love
  • Proving Spirituality True: What is the Evidence that Spiritual Phenomena Are Real?
  • A Skeptics Approach to Spirituality: Webs of Belief, Data Points, and the Coming Scientific Revolution
  • Organizational Transformation: Breakthrough Change through Trust and Common Purpose
  • There Is Only One Religion, the Religion of Love: Finding Common Ground among All Authentic Spiritual Paths
  • Mysticism for All: How to Have a Direct Experience of the Divine
  • Authentic Prayer: Learning to Pray with Power
  • John of God: Miracles that Will Change Your World
  • And many more…

Leadership and Healthcare

  • What We Are Doing in Healthcare Is Not Sustainable: Will You Be Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?
  • Aligning Physicians and Hospitals in a Non-Aligned World
  • Leadership Skills for Challenging Times
  • Why Can’t We All Just Get Along: Conflict Management for Volatile Times in Healthcare
  • Leading Physicians Through Change
  • How to Optimize Physician Performance in Your Organization
  • Who Is Accountable to Whom for What: What Do Physician Employment, Service Line Management, ACOs/CINs, and Bundled Payments Mean for Your Organization?
  • Facilitating Retreats
  • And many more…