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Dr. Rick’s meditations, courses, and books are powerful resources that will guide your journey towards spiritual awakening and inner peace. Add power to your prayer and open to the next step on your path.

Meet Dr. Rick Sheff

Rick Sheff, MD is a family physician with over thirty years of experience in medicine. Known as a doctor’s doctor, his career has taken him from practicing family medicine to serving as a physician executive, to helping integrate complementary and alternative medicine with conventional medicine.

“Join me as we create a radical paradigm shift that integrates science and spirituality.”

Dr. Rick


Read Dr. Rick’s groundbreaking accounts of miracles worldwide.


A captivating speaker and trainer, lecturing all across the country


Learn how prayer and meditation can bring your life greater meaning.

The depth of Dr. Sheff’s presentations move audiences of all types.

Topics Include:

Science and Spirituality
  • The Coming New Paradigm: Science and Spirituality Linked by Love
  • Proving Spirituality True: What is the Evidence that Spiritual Phenomena Are Real?
  • A Skeptics Approach to Spirituality: Webs of Belief, Data Points, and the Coming Scientific Revolution
  • Organizational Transformation: Breakthrough Change through Trust and Common Purpose
  • There Is Only One Religion, the Religion of Love: Finding Common Ground among All Authentic Spiritual Paths
  • Mysticism for All: How to Have a Direct Experience of the Divine
  • Authentic Prayer: Learning to Pray with Power
  • John of God: Miracles that Will Change Your World
  • And many more…
Leadership and Healthcare
  • What We Are Doing in Healthcare Is Not Sustainable: Will You Be Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?
  • Aligning Physicians and Hospitals in a Non-Aligned World
  • Leadership Skills for Challenging Times
  • Why Can’t We All Just Get Along: Conflict Management for Volatile Times in Healthcare
  • Leading Physicians Through Change
  • How to Optimize Physician Performance in Your Organization
  • Who Is Accountable to Whom for What: What Do Physician Employment, Service Line Management, ACOs/CINs, and Bundled Payments Mean for Your Organization?
  • Facilitating Retreats
  • And many more…

Dr. Rick’s Writings

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.
-Albert Einstein

Your Spiritual Path Is the Solution
Your Spiritual Path Is the Solution

  What if there is a single, effective solution to every problem? Whether you are experiencing the breakup of a relationship, illness, anxiety, depression, the suffering of someone you love, seeking greater abundance, or a desire to be part of the solution for...

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