A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend three days participating in the John of God event at the Omega Institute in upstate New York. My response: OMG!

For those not familiar with the man known as John of God and his work, he is a dedicated, extraordinarily gifted Brazilian healer who has served his healing mission for almost 60 years. I have been to the Casa de Dom Ignacio (House of Saint Ignatius), his spiritual hospital in Brazil, nine times. I have had the privilege of serving in the Current Rooms at John of God events in Atlanta, Omega and Toronto ten times. Each time amazing things have happened.  Last week was no exception.

In this short space I cannot hope to do justice to describing the work of John of God or to helping make sense of it. The message I do want to share here is that his work, indeed all healing, is grounded in and grows out of love. Each of the three days at Omega, 1800 people came to see John of God. Each was invited to experience their own miracle. And each was invited to open their heart to love as the path to receiving that miracle. Over the three days I encountered countless people who said yes to these invitations and who were deeply touched by all they experienced. They, and I, too, experienced love in overflowing abundance.  This is the gateway to true healing.

For those interested in more information, I’ve provided an in depth chapter on my experiences with John of God in my book, Joyfully Shattered: A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality. In the book I provide a physician’s view of these experiences, recognizing them as data points that cannot be explained away by today’s scientific materialism paradigm. In so doing, I join others who are helping to bring forward the coming new paradigm that will integrate science with what today we call the spiritual. My path has taught me that love will be at the center of the new paradigm, just as it is at the center of all true healing.

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