Alan Cohen has created a beautiful prayer for the US election. I encourage everyone to bring this prayer into your heart and then manifest it to the world. Prayer is powerful. America and the world need your power now.

Thank you for your service.

Rick Sheff, MD


I now call upon the light of God to shine into the minds and hearts of voters to elect the candidates who will bring only good to the people they serve.

May each voter be guided by positive intentions to generate healing, well-being, and harmony for all the people their vote effects.

I want only good for our country and the world, and I know this is the will of God. The power of good will outshines all fear, darkness, and the appearance of separation. I now decree that any and all darkness be illuminated such that the presence of love is revealed and manifested as a result of this election.

I see people coming together and elected officials serving as a force for unity and healing. I see miracles resulting from this election, in ways far beyond what appearances have indicated.

I call upon the redeeming power of kindness, compassion, service, and upliftment to become manifest through this election, and ennoble humanity.

I summon Higher Power in any and all forms, including angels, guides, masters, and the pure spirit of love to speak to every person as they enter the voting booth and move them to choose in harmony with blessing for all.

I see the results of this election leading to positive, conscious, uplifting results for our nation and the world.

I invoke the presence and power of the God of love to manifest only good through this election and all the days that follow.

I choose peace and, by example, call upon others to choose peace for themselves, our nation, and the world.

And so it is.   

Prayer by Alan Cohen