Joyfully Shattered: A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality

Fifth Anniversary Edition


Why is a new edition of Joyfully Shattered needed at this time?


Since the first edition of Joyfully Shattered was published in 2015, events have unfolded that have changed our lives in unforeseen ways. As I write these words, our world is experiencing a pandemic of the novel coronavirus that is shaking our assumptions about who we are, our place in the world, and how to live a good life in the face of truly unprecedented challenges. The new 5th Anniversary Edition of Joyfully Shattered contains important, timely additions that will help readers grow and evolve through living in a world radically altered by this tiny yet potent virus, helping to transform experiences of isolation, loss, and hardship into opportunities to create new meaning, purpose, and awakening.

Another set of events has also made writing a second edition of this book necessary. I am speaking of the information that has come forth about the man known as John of God, a well known spiritual healer in Brazil. The first edition of Joyfully Shattered provided questioning, probing descriptions of my experiences with the work of John of God, but it was uncritical of the man. The second edition cannot be. That is because he stands accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of women, and as of this writing has been convicted on multiple counts of sexual assault. The 5th Anniversary Edition contains additional new content addressing the critical need to confront our shadow work, wrestling with light, darkness and forgiveness on the spiritual path.

Our world is entering a challenging and potentially dark time. We need all who serve the light to step forward now. I hope the new 5th Anniversary edition of Joyfully Shattered will provide you valuable resources to help you do your part.


Dr. Rick​