Rick Sheff, MD


“For one who believes, no proof is necessary. For the nonbeliever, no amount of proof is sufficient.”
- Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Rick Sheff, MD is a family physician with over thirty years of experience in medicine.

Known as a doctor’s doctor, his career has taken him from practicing family medicine to serving as a physician executive, to helping integrate complementary and alternative medicine with conventional medicine.

He now serves as chief medical officer of The Greeley Company, a highly respected healthcare solutions company dedicated to helping physicians and hospitals provide outstanding care to the communities they serve.

In addition to his lifelong commitment to help heal healthcare and those in it, he is dedicated to building the coming new paradigm that integrates science with spirituality.


Dr. Sheff graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Brown University’s family medicine residency program. He was an undergraduate at Cornell University and recipient of the Keasbey Scholarship for the study of politics and philosophy at Oxford University. At the age of 60, Dr. Sheff professed vows as a monk in the Spirit of Peace interfaith monastic community.