“…every patient, doctor in training, and practicing physician should read this book.”

– Bernie Siegel, MD


The title and even the sub-title do not prepare or even give an adequate hint of the powerful stories that await you in this book. Since I had very little to guide my expectations about the book, I was totally unprepared for the touching but often brutally honest first person story of one man’s personal journey through medical school and residency. The book is a very compelling read. There were deep insights about life, illnesses and medicine and touching stories about birth, life and death….”[read more]

– John Chancellor,  Mentor Coach  www.teachthesoul.com


The author’s stories showed that compassion, humor and hardship do exist in the world of medicine. The book was written like a novel. Sometimes I feel that “nonfiction” books can be boring but that was not the case with this book. I could not put it down and when I was finished, I wanted more.The author is a wonderful writer and I cannot wait for book number two. If you are planning a career in medicine or just want a little more information on the world of medicine this is the book for you. So go on out and get a copy of the book. You will not be disappointed.

– Eileen from BooksRUsOnline.com


Debates and political shenanigans abound as an attempt is made to improve health care in America. Daily breakthroughs in scientific advancements suggest that the unconquerable beast of disease and death is being diminished: daily articles about the high and ungainly costs of receiving medical care are eluding us. Internet and all media flood the public with news of hospital and physician errors that result in astoundingly long and expensive legal action, the monies from medical malpractice suits elevate the physicians insurance premiums, pad the pockets of lawyers and tickle down to patients, and we can only as ‘Why?’

Richard Sheff, MD in his book DOCTOR CONFIDENTIAL: SECRETS BEHIND THE VEIL offers more information and insights into this burgeoning problem than any other book that has arrived for the public to read….” [read more]

– Grady Harp


I finished your book on the night you left Brazil.  I was truly held captive from beginning to end and, as I already shared with you, felt like I knew you intimately by the time I completed the book.  Thank you for sharing yourself and your story so generously.

The next day I purchased a second copy of the book and donated it to library at the inn I was staying in and inscribed it with an endorsement.  Two of the people at the inn began reading it immediately.  After I returned home I showed the book to a woman in a book club I belong to.  I gave her the book to read, upon her request, on Tuesday evening and when I came by her house this morning, Thursday, to help her with some errands, she was half way through the book and said she couldn’t put it down!  We both decided we are going to advocate for our book club to read it this coming year.

– Jan Briski


If Dr. Sheff ever decides to leave medicine, he has a career waiting for him as a novelist. I can’t remember the last book I read – especially nonfiction – that kept me up half the night because I couldn’t put it down. In the following days, I deliberately slowed my reading pace – I didn’t want it to end.

Indeed, Doctor Confidential reads like a novel. I’m a great believer in the “show me, don’t tell me” school of thought when it comes to writing, and Dr. Sheff’s gift in this department shines on every page. This is not a book “about” medicine, “about” his years of training and residency. It’s a portal into the living experience of becoming a physician—on many levels—and it pulses with life on every page. Indeed, the same skills that make him an extraordinary physician come through in his writing – his eye for detail is uncanny, and his talent with dialogue betrays his keen observation and listening skills, as well as his tendency to pay attention to what’s going on around him (and within him). Though the stories are written in medical terminology, his numerous footnotes leave the lay reader feeling vastly more knowledgeable about many facets of medicine. [read more]

– Elizabeth Thompson, Ph.D.


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