Part I  Medical School

Chapter I  Gross Anatomy
That Final Moment When She Absolved Me of Guilt

Chapter II  Psychiatry
“Just treat them like people. They’d like that.”

Chapter III  Gynecology
The Woman I Knew So Intimately but Would Never Meet

Chapter IV  Obstetrics
“It’s wrong. It’s all wrong.”

Chapter V  Surgery
“Who’s next?”

Chapter VI  Internal Medicine
“So datz vot psychology iz!”

Chapter VII  Pediatrics
Something Important Fell Out

Chapter VIII  Choosing a Specialty
“What’s love got to do with psychiatry?”

Chapter IX  Electives
“You can use this power for the good of patients or to fulfill your own needs. The choice will be yours every day.”

Chapter X  Subinternship
Something Important Became Buried, but Not Gone

Part II  Residency

Chapter XII  Internship
“Hey, Doc! I’m not angry.”

Chapter XIII  Junior Residency
One by One the Dying Were Teaching Me What They So Desperately Needed

Chapter XIV  Senior Residency
He Taught Me to Listen to My Heart so That I Might Touch His with Healing