Chapter I      A Seeker Is Born              1
Glimpses of Truth

Chapter II     Cracks in the Armor of Certainty            15
“You don’t believe this crap, do you?”

Chapter III    Dialogue with Other Healers          24
“Dad! Dad! Something inside my ankle is moving!”

Chapter IV    Crisis          44
“You, Marsha and Nancy got together before this life and decided to do the dance this way.”

Chapter V      Free Fall          52
     My Wife Died When She Was Nine

Chapter VI     A Spirit-Directed Life          78
“There is only one religion, the religion of love.”

Chapter VII    Oneness        105
     “Any experience of separateness is an illusion.”

Chapter VIII   John of God, the Brazilian Healer        139
Miracles Happen. The Question Is What These Words Mean.

Chapter IX      Medjugorje, A Course in Miracles, the Koran, and Beyond         190
Each Religious Tradition Is Unique. The Spiritual Journey Is Universal.

Chapter X       Brother Rick?        225
“I didn’t see this one coming.”

Chapter XI      When Science Meets God        232
A Glimpse into the Coming New Paradigm

Chapter XII      Journey to Joy        241
“Is it I Lord?”