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A Course in Miracles Brief Summary and Commentary

Dr. Rick has deeply studied A Course in Miracles. Read his insightful summary of the key teachings from the Course, as well as his commentary (and at times critique) of the content, style, and value of this important work.

The Urantia Book Summary and Commentary

If you’ve never heard of The Urantia Book, be prepared to have your understanding of what exists, who exists, and the purpose of our lives stretched in new and exciting ways as you read Dr. Rick’s amazing summary of this profound, life changing channeled material. After years of studying this volume of almost 2,100 pages, Dr. Rick provides a remarkably accessible and understandable summary of revealed spiritual knowledge that will change your life forever.

When Science Meets God Extended Book Appendix

In Joyfully Shattered: A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality, Dr. Sheff provides a chapter entitled “When Science Meets God: A Glimpse into the Coming New Paradigm.” For readers interested in a deeper and more thorough exploration of the exciting, cutting-edge science leading the way to the coming new paradigm that is integrating science and spirituality, Dr. Rick has provided an extended version of this appendix for free download.

Joyfully Shattered Audiobook Chapter 1

Listen to this free download of Chapter 1 in its entirety from Joyfully Shattered: A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality read by the author. The profound stories in this chapter will change you, if you let them, especially hearing them told in Dr. Rick’s own, authentic voice. The full audio book can be purchased here.