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At the bedside of a dying child, Dr. Rick Sheff, a nationally respected physician, realizes that the easy answers of his atheist upbringing and scientific training fail him. Driven to discover the truth behind the world we see without abandoning rigorous science, he finds himself on a spiritual journey that takes him to Oneness University in India, the healer John of God in Brazil, and the site of Marian visions in Medjugorje. Yet Dr. Sheff discovers the real journey is inward, pointing the way for all of us to follow our path wherever it may lead, to allow our preconceived beliefs to be shattered by truth, enabling us all to experience an astounding journey to joy.

Joyfully Shattered: A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality – MP3 Downloadable AudioBook


This product is a downloadable MP3 audio recording narrated by the author, Dr. Rick Sheff.  After purchase you will be directed to a link to download the MP3 Audio program.

“Joyfully Shattered is the journey of a physician who became a mystic and now is an escort into the nature of the soul and what is possible for humankind. This is truly a profound book.” -Caroline Myss, Author of  Anatomy of the Spirit “I am a scientist and a skeptic. I have studied philosophy at Oxford, the sciences at Ivy League universities, and medicine at the oldest medical school in America. I have deeply questioned everything we think we know and how we think we know it. After more than four decades in the ardent pursuit of truth, I have come to the surprising conclusion that the world is a far more wondrous and mysterious place than most of today’s scientists are telling us.” –From Joyfully Shattered