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You hold in your hands a gift to yourself, a gateway to power and joy beyond any you’ve ever known.

Prepare to go where you have never gone before, to experience what you have never experienced before. The time is now. Your guide is at hand. Say yes to meet, to access, to join with…your High Self.

Through this guided meditation, you will have a personal experience of each of the chakras, the powerful energy centers in your subtle or energetic body. Each chakra is an access point to a part of your High Self, the part of you that already knows the wisdom of the Universe, already is connected to the one, unified consciousness, to that which is Ultimate. Your High Self has always been there, waiting for you, ready for you. You are now ready. Your life is about to change.


How to Use this CD:

This guided meditation can be used for relaxation, for deepening your spiritual path, for helping you enter into a restful, peaceful sleep, or as the beginning of a period of prayer. The music accompanying the meditation, composed and produced especially for this experience by creators of some of the world’s most beautiful spiritual music, helps transport you into never before experienced states of joy and bliss.  

Carve out at least half an hour when you won’t be disturbed. You deserve this experience. In a quiet, private place, come into a comfortable position lying or seated. Turn on the recording and close your eyes. The rest will be easy.


CD Content

Track 1: Introduction [FILL IN THE NUMBER OF MINUTES]


Track 3: Honoring the Other as Other [FILL IN THE NUMBER OF MINUTES]

Track 4: Embracing the Whole Self [FILL IN THE NUMBER OF MINUTES]

Track 5: Opening the Heart to Love [FILL IN THE NUMBER OF MINUTES]

Track 6: Thy Will, Not My Will [FILL IN THE NUMBER OF MINUTES]

Track 7: Pure Consciousness without Content [FILL IN THE NUMBER OF MINUTES]

Track 8: Opening to God [FILL IN THE NUMBER OF MINUTES]


Rick Sheff, MD is a family physician with over thirty years of experience in medicine. Known as a doctor’s doctor, his career has taken him from practicing family medicine to serving as a physician executive, to helping healthcare integrate complementary and alternative medicine with conventional medicine.

He now serves as principal and chief medical officer of The Greeley Company, a highly respected healthcare solutions company dedicated to helping physicians and hospitals provide outstanding care to the communities they serve.

In addition to his lifelong commitment to help heal healthcare, he is dedicated to building the coming new paradigm that integrates science with spirituality.


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Opening to Your High Self – Guided Meditation Audio CD


In this guided meditation, Dr. Rick Sheff, professed monk and author of Joyfully Shattered: A Physician’s Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality, guides the listener in opening to and accessing their High Self. Always present, always available, this High Self is your gateway to wisdom, peace, and joy. Through a series of creative visualizations utilizing each of the chakras to access a different part of the High Self, you will enter into an expanded state of awareness and serenity, opening to the essence of your true nature, love.  This guided meditation can serve as an aide for achieving a state of peace and relaxation, expanding your consciousness, or for deepening your personal spiritual path.

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