Product Details

Spiritual Coaching Sessions with Dr. Rick are conducted as phone calls or Skype meetings and completely customized based upon your requests and guidance received by you and Dr. Rick.

Note: These are spiritual coaching sessions. They are not intended to replace medical care provided by your doctors or therapy provided by professional counselors.

The fee for this personalized, individual coaching experience is $100/hr.

Download, sign, and email this release to before your first session.

Spiritual Coaching Sessions with Dr. Rick


Are you…

Facing a major challenge that’s raising the deepest spiritual questions such as an illness, relationship breakup or death of a loved one?

Feeling that your spiritual exploration has reached a plateau and perhaps stalled?

Seeking guidance to take your spiritual path to the next level?

Participating in Dr. Rick’s online course Prayer, Power and Awakening: Discover Your Personal Path to Authentic Prayer and would like personalized sessions with Dr. Rick to get the most out of the course?

In response to these and other requests, Dr. Rick is now available for one-on-one coaching sessions to assist individuals in walking their spiritual path.